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Is it Time to Restring Your Racquet?

Please read my post on when to restring your racquet if you haven’t done so already.  It will provide you with some much needed information on racquet stringing.






We carry the following Gamma Strings:


Gamma iO – GAMMA iO offers exceptional power, access to spin and pinpoint control. Its unique co-poly material takes ball pocketing to a new level, providing ideal levels of response and comfort. GAMMA iO is best suited for players with penetrating and punishing ground strokes from both sides.  Colors Available:  Orange, Blue, Silver, and Black.  Gauge:  18 (Orange only) and 17.  Cost:  $32.



MotoGamma Moto – New heptagonal shaped string developed for the higher-performance player. Allows a player to generate maximum power and greater ball bite for massive amounts of spin. Co-poly material is very responsive and provides lots of feedback. Excellent tension maintenance. Colors Available:  Lime Green, Pink, Silver, and Black.  Gauge:  17 only.  Cost:  $31.


Poly-ZGamma Poly-Z – This excellent polyester string provides a firm, yet responsive string bed for greater control for players with full, fast swings while maintaining tension and providing greater durability.  Colors Available:  Optic Yellow, Red, and White.  Gauge:  17 only.  Cost:  $24.




Zo Twist

Gamma Zo Twist – Zo Twist is a pentagonal shaped copolymer polyester string that incorporates new Twist Technology. The string is twisted after the extrusion process to provide a distinct edge for exceptional ball bite for maximum spin.  Colors Available:  Black.  Gauge:  16.  Cost:  $30.




Gamma FTX – An all-round performance string that features our new cross-woven foil wrap that increases string resiliency and improves durability. This provides faster string return on impact for greater power and depth on all shots.  Colors Available:  Silver.  Gauge:  17.  Cost:  $27.




Live Wire ProfessionalGamma Professional – GAMMA Professional features Live Wire Multifilament Technology. Professional features an advanced string construction that incorporates 50% more Iso-elastic Fibers, NCP Tension Fibers for longer tension maintenance, and new PEEK abrasion resistant fibers woven within the outer wraps for enhanced durability. This unique construction combined with GAMMA’s exclusive Advanced Irradiation Process provides Gut-Like Performance and a crisp, solid feel preferred by top professionals.  Colors Available:  Silver.  Gauge:  17.  Cost:  $40.


Stinger 16/17

Gamma Stinger 16/17 – Extra durable polyester main strings for extra string life combined with a synthetic cross string for greater playability.
MAINS: Copolymer polyester monofilament. CROSSES: Dynalon™ center core and outerwraps with Nylon 6 coating.  Colors Available:  Natural/White.  Gauge:  16/17.  Cost:  $30.



Synthetic Gut with WearguardGamma Synthetic Gut with Wearguard – An all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and extra durability for all playing levels and playing styles.  Colors Available:  Natural.  Gauge:  16.  Cost:  $25.




Product ImageGamma Advantage – The Gamma Advantage String is an extra durable nylon string which is suitable for hard hitting players.  Colors Available:  White.  Gauge:  15L.  Cost:  $22.




We also have limited quantities of the following stings:

Gamma Zo Tour – A Zo copolymer polyester filament string featuring a high energy core for a crisper feel and maximum control for all types of shots.  Zo strings hold tension longer and provide maximum durability.  Color:  Orange.  Gauge:  17.  Cost:  $36.

Gamma Zo Pro – A hybrid of Zo Polyester and Professional.  Zo copolymer polyester filament strings feature a high energy core for a crisper feel and maximum control for all types of shots.  Professional for additional power and greater comfort.. Color:  Natural/Silver.  Gauge:  16.  Cost:  $39.

Gamma Zo Sweet – A hybrid of Zo Polyester and Synthetic Gut.  Color:  Natural/White.  Gauge:  17.  Cost:  $34.

Gamma Zo Black Ice 18 – A durable polyester.  Color:  Black.  Gauge:  18.  Cost:  $28.

Gamma Mono Blast – A durable polyester.  Color:  Red.  Gauge:  16.  Cost:  $28.