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You Asked For It – Westlake High School Page Added

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“Bolt Up” Thunder Tennis!

We had a great player and parent’s meeting this evening at the high school for the upcoming girls’ tennis season.  I was excited to see such a great turnout.  We discussed policies, made practice and uniform decisions, and planned for a successful season.  There was so much information to pass on I decided to create a new page for the website devoted entirely to Westlake High School “Thunder Tennis”.  If you look up at the top menu bar you’ll now see a “Westlake HS” tab.   This page will be used to pass on information about Thunder Tennis.  Check back often to see what’s going on with our guys and gals!

Westlake Athletics has a new theme for the upcoming season–Bolt Up!  It’s a new spin on the old “Step Up” slogan many of us are familiar with.  So, let’s Bolt Up Thunder Tennis and take our program to new heights!

See you on the courts!


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