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Winning Tennis and The Wardlaw Directionals

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What are The Wardlaw Directionals?

The Wardlaw Directionals is a shot selection strategy allowing a player to understand when the best time is to change, or not change, the direction of the ball.  Because decisions are based on the ball crossing or not crossing the body, this system easily helps you decide whether it is a good idea, or not, to change the direction of the ball/play.  Many players—including good players—make mistakes by trying to change the direction of the ball when it is too good a shot from their opponent and the ball is not in their comfort zone resulting in an error.  The wonderful results you’ll see by using this system are fewer errors, more winning points, instinctive reaction, and most importantly, focus on the ball.

This system was developed in 1992 by Brown University Women’s Tennis Coach Paul Wardlaw.  He has refined this technique and made it into a teachable system that provides a basis for quick and correct decision making within the game of tennis.

Put Your Tennis Game on Autopilot

I have searched for many years to find a “system” that would remove much of the over-thinking in tennis that seems to just get in the way of so many gifted players.  Thoughts like:  Where should I hit this forehand, backhand, volley, or whatever shot?  These thoughts just seem to get in the way—so often, we as tennis players are frozen by indecisiveness.  By following the Directionals you can basically put your game on autopilot.

What makes this system even more sensible is that Directionals focus on the relationship between the ball and the player, not the ball and the court or the opponent. This helps keep your focus on the ball and how best to control it.

Learn About the Directionals and Win!

Please take the time to read about The Wardlaw Directionals in the attachment below.  It took me awhile to compile this information and I know it is a little lengthy, but the information you’ll learn will be invaluable.  I use the Directionals whenever I play and coach, and I’ve made this remarkable system the basis for my game and the games of all my players.  Give Directionals a try and I guarantee this simple strategy system will work for you too!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment by clicking on the “leave a comment” section below—I’d love to hear from you.

See you on the courts!


Access the attachment here:  Wardlaw Directionals

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