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Ban the Shriek!

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What is with all the grunting and shrieking in women’s tennis?

My Ears Can’t Bear to Watch

I finally had the chance to watch the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships from Istanbul, Turkey today that I recorded.  The final matched up Victoria Azarenka against Petra Kvitova.  Kvitova won in three sets.

I enjoyed the tennis, but it’s almost getting impossible to watch women’s tennis whether it’s on TV or in person.  Don’t get me wrong, I love watching tennis, any tennis, but it actually hurts my ears to watch women’s tennis.  Why would watching hurt my ears you ask?  It’s all those shrieking players.

The shrieking has gotten ridiculous on the women’s tour.  Not only do they shriek during points, but now they are actually shrieking at the end of points.  Can we get a break ladies?

It started off as grunting, but the grunt has evolved into an all-out, gut-wrenching shriek.  Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka, to name a couple of the worst offenders, have taken the shriek to new extremes.

I’d go as far to say this shrieking is bad sportsmanship.  I know that if I was a player playing these women I would be seriously annoyed by all the noise, and I’m sure the result would be manifested in my game.

Are Youngsters Following in the Pros Footsteps?

I am happy that this shrieking and grunting hasn’t found its way into the high school game.  In all the matches we played this year, and in prior years, I can’t remember any girls purposefully shrieking or grunting.  I have see this at the college level though, not the shrieking, but plenty of grunting.  Hopefully, these girls will see that grunting and shrieking has no place in tennis.

It’s kind of funny though; sometimes during practice our girls will purposefully start an over-the-top rendition of the pro grunters and shriekers.  You can tell they know this is very poor sportsmanship by the way they emulate and make fun of the pros.  I wonder what the pros would think if they saw our girls playing like this—maybe they’d realize how stupid they sound out there on the court!

Follow the Men’s Example

Yes, you can hear the men grunt occasionally through exhalation due to the sheer effort they are exerting.  But, no one on the men’s tour is purposefully shrieking like the ladies.  The men are far ahead in sportsmanship.

Come on WTA, get tough and ban the shriek!

See you on the courts?


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