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How Bad Do You Want It?

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What It Takes To Be Great

Today’s post features two athletes that don’t play tennis.  Why would I feature athletes that don’t play tennis on a website devoted to tennis?  Well, the answer is simple.  These athletes are great at what they do because they work harder, longer, and smarter at their sport than almost anyone else.

To Succeed You Have To Need It Like Air

This first video is an inspirational video featuring NFL player Giavanni Ruffin, and the inspirational speaker Eric Thomas, also known as “The Hip-Hop Preacher.”  This training video illustrates how much hard work is needed to become a professional athlete.


Michael Phelps on Dedication

This second video is about the training of Michael Phelps who is considered by many to be the greatest swimmer ever.  At age 26, he has already won 16 Olympic medals, including 8 gold medals at Beijing in 2008.

So what is his secret?

Surely, Phelps is naturally gifted with a physique that was made for the water, but there is more to his success than a long torso, incredible wingspan, and hyper-mobile ankles.  Michael Phelps trains harder and longer than the average person could ever conceive.

In the video below, you will hear Phelps and his coach (Bob Bowman) talk about the hard work and dedication that has led to their success.  Michael Phelps doesn’t just show up and do what everyone else is doing in the pool.  Bowman has always pushed him to places that he would have never found on his own.  He literally trained day after day without any breaks for several consecutive years.

How bad did Michael Phelps and Giavanni Ruffin want to succeed?  Pretty darn (I don’t swear) bad!

What It Takes To Be a Successful Tennis Player

These two videos were just a small glimpse of what it took for these two great athletes to be successful.  What will it take for you to be successful at tennis (or anything for that matter)?

It will take many, many hours behind the scenes, in practice, to make you a winner just as it did Giavanni Ruffin and Michael Phelps.  The countless hours of training your body, mind, and soul away from the lime light.  So often we see a great athlete and are awed by their performance, but we often forget about all the sacrifices they’ve made to make it to where they are—the lonely hours of practice and training, the strict diet, the lousy, low-paying jobs, and the countless hours of study to name a few.  And, sometimes, it’s the smallest of things like sticking to the fundamentals and keeping your head down.

What will it take?  It will take needing it like you need air!

See you on the courts!


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