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Yesterday in church one of the speakers mentioned that we should continue to “Dream Big”.  He mentioned that too many of us these days are just settling for less than what we really want out of life.  Is it the economic downturn?  Is it the lack of faith in ourselves?  Is it…whatever?

We often settle for “things” that are safe—a safe job and safe life to mention a couple.  Where would we be as a people if everyone just settled for a safe life?  Think of all the marvelous inventions and explorations that would never have happened if risks weren’t taken!

I’ve been as guilty of this as the next person.  I’m by nature not a risk taker; I wish I was, but that’s just not my lifestyle.  But it’s funny, in my tennis playing style I am.  I play a high risk, high reward brand of tennis that’s seldom played these days—I love the net game, you know, serve and volley tennis and coming into the net on the first short ball—I’m a throwback to the “old” game of tennis.

I’ve sure liked watching Mardy Fish lately.  If you don’t know who he is, you should.  He’s the highest ranked US men’s tennis player in the world right now with a number 8 ranking.  I’ve loved watching him serve and volley his way up the rankings.  Here’s a guy who was floundering around in the rankings until he decided to really do something with his tennis life.  He lost weight, got in shape, and rededicated himself to the sport he loves.  He’s no longer just settling for what life gives him, but he’s taking what he wants.  Like Mardy, I wish more players would be more aggressive out there on the courts!

I’ve tried to instill a more aggressive style of play into our girls this season.  I’ve challenged a number of them to come up to net more often.  You see, high school girls’ tennis, and boys’ tennis for the most part, mimic the pro game.  Most players are baseliners and seldom venture up to the net.  But, our number one player, who last year was an alternate on her previous team, has taken this challenge to heart—and she’s been successful.  Her winning percentage when coming into the net has to be around 90%.  Many points she wins because her opponents just are not use to a player pressuring them.  She’s even tried to serve and volley at times; something she still needs a little work on, but I’m so proud of her for trying!  She’s dreaming big!

I’m still working on the other girl’s aggressiveness.  Luckily, we have a very young team and hopefully I can teach them good volleying skills so they won’t fear the net.  But the biggest thing they can do is to set fear aside, break out of their comfort zone, and venture up to the net.  Tennis, like life, was meant to be played aggressively.  Don’t sit back and wait for something to happen.  Get out there and make something happen—DREAM BIG!!!

See you on the courts!


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