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The Start of a New Season!

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Today was this season’s first practice for Westlake High School’s girls tennis team, and I’m excited for the start of a new season. We have a great group of girls! A good number of girls are back from last year’s team and we have many new players as well. It’s great to see that tennis is catching on in our towns of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.

We are all eager to start play in our new region and represent Westlake High School. Hopefully I’ll have the team’s schedule posted soon. Please come out and support our girls. They’ll be working hard and they deserve your support.

In the coming days you may see the girls on your doorstep offering different fundraising opportunities. Please support our fundraising efforts. Being a new program, we are in need of many things and with our community’s help we can really build a great program!

See you on the courts!


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Lori A. JohnsonAugust 4, 2011 at 8:16 pmReply

Go Westlake! I have a thing for their coach.